The Universal Christ

"The resurrection gives us a Christ who is spiritually present; the Holy Spirit gives us a Christ who is universally present. By the coming of the Holy Spirit the risen Christ is made omnipresent, and the whole process of revelation here and now completed. Nothing higher can be looked for until the veil is dropped on the other side. Momentous consequences follow the acceptance of this truth. If the age of the Spirit under which we are now living marks the final outgoing of God to man; if the God who is manifested in Christ is every-where present in the Spirit; if through the medium-ship of the Spirit he dwells in the inner sanctuary of the soul; if he is not only with man, but in man; if through the Holy Spirit his presence within the soul is realized as the presence of Christ, then the time foretold by Jesus has come when temples and shrines are no longer indispensable, when every man has immediate access to God as the Father, and when every humble receptive soul may become "an habitation of God in the Spirit." "
- James Mann Campbell (The Presence, p. 89)

The New Covenant Gift of the Spirit

"Let us recall the three considerations that have been
mentioned. First, that our Lord Himself in His Divine-human nature was on earth, and is now in heaven, possessed of the fulness of the Spirit, and this in such a manner that the Spirit entered into all He was in the one sphere, and enters into all He is in the other. Secondly, that the Spirit given us by our Lord in His glorified condition is His own Spirit in the most definite and particular meaning of the words. Thirdly, that when the Spirit is bestowed upon us He must be made inwardly and experimentally ours, entering into all that we are in a manner similar to that in which He entered into all that Jesus was and is. Let us fix these three points distinctly in our minds, and it will follow that the Spirit promised as the chief gift of the New Covenant is pervaded by human as well as Divine elements. As the Spirit of the exalted and glorified Lord, He is not the Third Person of the Trinity in His absolute and metaphysical existence, but that Person as He is mediated through the Son, who is human as well as Divine. It is on this particular aspect of His being that He diffuses Himself through the members of Christ's body, and abides in them. Only as human, entering into and coalescing with what is human, can He be also our Spirit dwelling in a living and real way within us."
- William Milligan (The Ascension and Heavenly Priesthood of Our Lord, p. 189)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Christ came to be salvation in us

"III. Christ came, we observe next, to be salvation 
in us. No one understands all that is meant by the 
seeking and saving of Christ who does not take the 
full Biblical view. Salvation is a past thing, the life 
and death of Jesus. Salvation is a future thing, resur- 
rection and glorification ; but salvation is also a present 
thing, the victorious and living Christ within us. 

A new grasp of this truth is the most urgent need 
of Christians to-day. The reality, the vitality, the 
energy of a present and a living Christ in the soul. 
A power from without and above coming into our 
lives and reversing them. But we cannot suppress or 
conquer the power of sin within us or without us. 
Within us we feel its sting in conscience, and con- 
science masters us and will not be silenced. By my 
will I can control my physical nature, command my 
bodily actions. By my will I can control, in a measure, 
my feelings, my emotional nature; by my will I can 
control my mental nature ; I can compel attention upon 
a given subject. But by my will I cannot control my 
moral nature. Conscience will not yield to my will, 
I need a master. 

Nor can I control sin without me. As one has said, 
sin is not merely infirmity, nor a mistake, nor a step 
upwards, it is a power in reversed action. As a sailor 
knows the resistance of the adverse wind and tide, 
as the tunnel builder knows the resistance of the 
granite in the heart of the mountain ; as the mountain 
climber knows the resistance of gravitation, so I know 
and feel the power of sin resisting me and overcoming 
me. This is what I find sin to be as a law of nature. 
I need an inward and an outward deliverer. 

Yet there are men who tell me I am to be deliv- 
ered, not by a personal Redeemer energizing my will, 
but by law. When I throw a handful of rusty pens, 
and a handful of tiny bits of blotting paper out of 
my window, the wind and gravitation determine the 
place where both will rest. The pens will fall straight 
down; the paper will be carried away to its place. 

Law, fixed and immutable, determines all. I am held 
in its clutches as in a vise ! So I am told. 

There is a law of grace as well as a law of nature. 
There is a law of the spirit as well as of the flesh. 
There is a law of personal action exerted in a realm 
of personal beings, as well as a law of physical action 
exerted in a closed system of physical forces. This 
personal action is also grace. It is Christ within you, 
the wisdom of God and the power of God. It is 
Christ within you the hope of glory. 

Drummond compares the living Christ to the daily 
manna of the Israelites in their wilderness wander- 
ings, and the dying Christ to the brazen serpent. Now 
one great mistake of men has been in putting the ser- 
pent for the manna and the manna for the serpent. 
The two theologies have done this. The new puts 
the manna in the place of the serpent, and the old 
the serpent over the manna. The brazen serpent 
cured the bite of the real serpent, but could not sus- 
tain the life of the healed one. The cross redeemed 
from the curse of the law, but the living, energizing 
Christ in the soul alone gives triumph over all our 
foes. We are not to look at the cross alone then for 
the exhibition of grace ; but to the whole career of the 
transformed man's life."

- E.Y. Mullins (The Life in Christ, pgs. 187-189)

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