The Universal Christ

"The resurrection gives us a Christ who is spiritually present; the Holy Spirit gives us a Christ who is universally present. By the coming of the Holy Spirit the risen Christ is made omnipresent, and the whole process of revelation here and now completed. Nothing higher can be looked for until the veil is dropped on the other side. Momentous consequences follow the acceptance of this truth. If the age of the Spirit under which we are now living marks the final outgoing of God to man; if the God who is manifested in Christ is every-where present in the Spirit; if through the medium-ship of the Spirit he dwells in the inner sanctuary of the soul; if he is not only with man, but in man; if through the Holy Spirit his presence within the soul is realized as the presence of Christ, then the time foretold by Jesus has come when temples and shrines are no longer indispensable, when every man has immediate access to God as the Father, and when every humble receptive soul may become "an habitation of God in the Spirit." "
- James Mann Campbell (The Presence, p. 89)

The New Covenant Gift of the Spirit

"Let us recall the three considerations that have been
mentioned. First, that our Lord Himself in His Divine-human nature was on earth, and is now in heaven, possessed of the fulness of the Spirit, and this in such a manner that the Spirit entered into all He was in the one sphere, and enters into all He is in the other. Secondly, that the Spirit given us by our Lord in His glorified condition is His own Spirit in the most definite and particular meaning of the words. Thirdly, that when the Spirit is bestowed upon us He must be made inwardly and experimentally ours, entering into all that we are in a manner similar to that in which He entered into all that Jesus was and is. Let us fix these three points distinctly in our minds, and it will follow that the Spirit promised as the chief gift of the New Covenant is pervaded by human as well as Divine elements. As the Spirit of the exalted and glorified Lord, He is not the Third Person of the Trinity in His absolute and metaphysical existence, but that Person as He is mediated through the Son, who is human as well as Divine. It is on this particular aspect of His being that He diffuses Himself through the members of Christ's body, and abides in them. Only as human, entering into and coalescing with what is human, can He be also our Spirit dwelling in a living and real way within us."
- William Milligan (The Ascension and Heavenly Priesthood of Our Lord, p. 189)

Friday, May 26, 2017

God's redemptive action centring in Christ constitutes a revelation, part 4 of 5

    "In the second place, God's revelation of himself in Christ is
distinguished by the peculiar matter of the revelation. He re-
veals himself as the Redeemer of men from sin. When man by
sin has sundered the bonds of his union with God in filial trust
and service, the questions arise, can he be received again to the
favor of God and restored to his normal union with him; and if
God can receive him, can the sinner be influenced of his own free
will to return. To these questions no answer is given in the rev-
elation of God in the constitution and course of nature, or in the
constitution of man, or in his history aside from the history of
redemption in Christ. The answer from these sources, if any,
would rather seem to be that sin, as man's wilful rupturing of
his normal union with God, as his setting up for himself in self-
sufficiency and repudiation of his condition as a creature, as a
contradicting of the universal reason and of the fundamental con-
stitution of the universe, must make it forever impossible for man
to regain his normal union with God and so to realize his true
perfection and wellbeing. Plainly it is impossible unless God
first by his own action in some way reveals himself gracious and
accessible even to sinners. It is in Christ and only in him that
he makes this revelation. In him he makes atonement for sin,
and opens the way for the free return of every sinful man who
will. In him he reveals himself gracious to sinners with open
heart ready to receive them to his favor, when they return to
him. And this is the Gospel of Christ, the glad tidings of great
joy to all people. But this is not all. God not merely waits to
be gracious to sinners when they return to him, but he puts forth
positive influence to arouse and guide and draw to himself sin-
ners having of themselves no disposition to come. While the
minds of men are darkened with sin so that the light of the
eternal wisdom and love are hidden, God in Christ, the eternal
Reason which is the true light of every man, breaks through the
darkening clouds and shines into their hearts to give the light of
the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.
And while men are yet sinners, with their wills fixed in the re-
nunciation of God, in their self-sufficiency, self-will, self-seeking
and self-glorying, while their desires and affections are perverted,
their spiritual susceptibilities benumbed, and their fleshly nature
exalted above the spiritual, God in Christ comes to them by the
Spirit with heavenly influences and energies to quicken them to
spiritual life, and to supply divine guidance and grace to help in
time of need to every one willing to return to the life of filial
trust and loving service and so to regain the privilege and bless-
edness of the sons of God. And here again is the gospel of Christ,
the glad tidings to all."

- Samuel Harris (The Self-Revelation of God, pgs. 449-450)

*Re-post from 8/4/15

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